• • • CALL FOR PAPERS • • •

Deadline June 19

The approach may be based on broad and/or interdisciplinary analysis. Alternatively, it may favour a vertical and/or disciplinary treatment of the themes below for each thematic axis:

1) Everyday Tables:

  1. Times and places of everyday meals - contingencies and challenges.
  2. Sociabilities of the quotidian table - historical patterns and sociological approaches.
  3. Having something to eat - the daily table and the production/distribution of food and meals.
  4. Staying healthy - food choices and pedagogy.
  5. Everyday gastronomy - key figures, cultural variants, fashion.

2) Festive Tables:

  1. Festivities and the calendar - cyclical community celebrations.
  2. Dedicated fairs and festivals - economic and touristic opportunities.
  3. Family celebrations - yesterday and today, characteristics and standards of comparison.
  4. Festivities for the elite and popular festivities.
  5. Banquets and political celebrations - power aesthetics.

Papers should not exceed 20 minutes and may be presented in Portuguese, English, Spanish, and French.


  1. Fill in the document with the required information.

  2. Submit the same completed document via the designated online form.