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UC Community participates in UNESCO's Open Science Recommendation

Contributions were received between November and December

23 december, 2020≈ 3 min read

After a call for contributions open to the scientific community, the University of Coimbra sends, at the end of the year, a document with comments on the first draft of the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science, released by the UN body for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO) in November.

The University received nine contributions, signed individually or collectively by its internal bodies, which were organized in the unified document that is now delivered to UNESCO. The call for contributions from the University was open between November 18th and December 15th.

The document with contributions from the UC reflects a diversity of understandings of its community on the role of Open Science and on the best practices so that this new paradigm of production and circulation of science can increasingly become a reality at a world level. The text sent by UC to UNESCO, in Portuguese and in English, is available in open access for consultation and reading (links at the end of this article).

After gathering comments and suggestions from the scientific community of its Member States on the first draft of the Recommendation, UNESCO should prepare and circulate an updated version of the text in March 2021. A final text for the document will be delivered at its next General Conference, to be held in November 2021.

UNESCO Recommendations are legal instruments that aim to establish norms and principles of international regulation on particular issues, also intending to influence the development of national practices and laws. More about it here.

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Read the document with the contributions of the UC, available in the links below.

UC's contribution to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science - Portuguese

UC's contribution to the UNESCO Recommendation on Open Science - English