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26 july, 2022
Sustainability in Open Science is the theme of the third TRIPLE ThatCamp
18 july, 2022
Initiative for the Promotion of Scientific Culture announces selected activities
12 july, 2022
Support the initiative that enables multilingual comparative research on the Quran, Old and New Testaments
07 july, 2022
OPERAS's annual report: innovative services and publications are highlights from 2021
28 june, 2022
Spanish conference on open scientific knowledge receives the Vice-Rector of the UC, Delfim Leão
22 june, 2022
Read more about data articles and their contribution to FAIR principles
08 june, 2022
Second edition of TRIPLE ThatCamp "unconference" discusses scientific crowdfunding
17 may, 2022
Find your crowd! Scientific crowdfunding workshop takes place on May 24
11 may, 2022
Support the crowdfunding initiative for academic journals and publishing houses in Ukraine
28 april, 2022
Webinar presents online documents annotation tool for the SSH
13 april, 2022
Cycle of Interdisciplinary Debates discusses science communication on April 27
11 april, 2022
Training presents multilingual vocabularies on April 20
04 april, 2022
UC participates in the Diamond Open Access community webinar
30 march, 2022
Commemorative event of 10 years of SciELO Books receives the Vice-Rector Delfim Leão
15 march, 2022
Third edition of Promotion of Scientific Culture initiative is launched
14 march, 2022
OPERAS community joins initiatives to support Social Sciences and Humanities in Ukraine
08 march, 2022
Training presents GoTriple Trust Building System
07 march, 2022
iiiUC Training on Research Data Management takes place on March 15
02 march, 2022
Action Plan for Diamond Open Access is released
28 february, 2022
Lusophone Conference on Open Science has call for papers until April 04
16 february, 2022
Training on the importance of user-centred design for Open Science
03 february, 2022
UC launches website that unveils 'secrets' of botany over 100 years old
Beer and Science Talks: A chat about the world of fungi on Wednesday 02nd
02 february, 2022
Science Beer Talks restart this Wednesday, with a talk about "Mushrooms in the City"
28 january, 2022
Enhancing the European Open Science Cloud: EOSC Future has open calls until March
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