The Centre for Earth and Space Research of the University of Coimbra (CITEUC) is a Research Unit dedicated to fundamental and applied research in Earth and Space Sciences, including their teaching sciences, history, applications, and dissemination. We are a group of about 40 researchers including 10 PhD students. We work in a wide range of Earth and Space Sciences.

CITEUC has two research groups:
i) Earth Dynamics, focusing on Earth's inner structure and processes therein, crustal evolution, and Earth's history
ii) Solar System Sciences, focusing on solar physics, celestial mechanics, minor bodies of the solar system, and planetary geology.

We highlight that we are developing, at CITEUC, areas with dim representation in the Portuguese science, so far, as the Space Weather and the Light Pollution, but with impact on the society. Our resercah projects are involved in international collaborations in the five continents and with transnational organisations such as European Space Agency, UNESCO, and European Southern Observatory . We have been also strongly involved in the post-graduation supervising. Most of our members have been involved in Education and Public Outreach activities participating, during the last 5 yrs, in actions for more 15000 participants.

CITEUC is housed at the Geophysical and Astronomical Observatory which lead to a unique combination of continuously, acquired data requiring intensive laboratory work, to verify and certify all data integrated into national and international publicly accessible databases.

CITEUC Research Groups

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