The venue for ECTQG’23 is the city of Braga (Portugal), and more specifically the Vila Galé Collection Hotel Braga.

Braga is a beautiful and lively mid-size city with approximately 2,000 years of history located in northern Portugal close to Porto (50 km). It is the centre of a dynamic manufacturing region with a significant exports-oriented sector, and home for the main campus of the fast-developing University of Minho. The city’s population is amongst the youngest in Portugal.


Travel to Braga:

  • Except from Portugal and a few regions in Spain, the only fast way to travel to Braga is by air, through Porto International Airport (officially designated as Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro). This airport offers non-stop flights to 120 destinations mainly in Europe, most of them operated by low-cost airlines.
  • Once at the airport, the cheapest way to reach Braga is by bus (one per hour). The travel time is about 50 minutes and the cost is 9 EUR (as of February 2023). Tickets can be bought online ( or locally.
  • Taxi can be an interesting option, especially for a group of 3 or 4. The travel time (door-to-door) is about 35 minutes and the cost is near 50 EUR.

The Vila Galé Collection Hotel Braga occupies a recently-renovated heritage building in the city centre offering excellent conditions for a meeting with the usual number of participants of ECTQG.