Innovation Days (I-Days) is a European competition, occurring in parallel with other 26 European partners as the IESE Business School (Barcelona), Karolinska Institute (Sweden) and the Sant Joan de Deu Hospital (Barcelona).

During 24 hours, students and researchers are encouraged to develop and present solutions for real-life health challenges. Students will receive an introduction to practical health innovation, entrepreneurship and pitching tools, as well as to compete in multidisciplinary teams.

At the final event of I-Days, the best team will have the opportunity to pitch to a panel of judges, which will be located in one of the involved countries. Organization will pay the participants flight and accommodation.

In Coimbra, the event is organized by R&D International Networks Unit of University of Coimbra (UC) in strong collaboration with Portugal's Directorate-General of Health (DGS), Coimbra City Council (CMC) and Coimbra Hospital and University Centre (CHUC).

Registration is free but mandatory and with a limited number of participants.




# 1

How to support healthy lifestyles in low-literate young and mid-age adults to prevent chronic conditions in later life?!


How to support women suffering from poor sleep habits to acquire healthier sleep cycles and avoid mental health problems?


How to support older adults with poor health status (pre-frail) and poor social support networks to solve their daily management problems and support social interaction in periods of confinement?


Considering mental health interventions field, which proximity care in mental health interventions can be reinforced, and how to develop them?


Considering the therapeutic intervention in Mental Health, which artistic expression processes can be enhanced and what are their benefits?


Which new tools and innovative methods for Prevention in Mental Health can be developed and implemented?


Which innovative and creative solutions can we develop to solve problems such as Anxiety Disorders, Depression, Emotional and occupational stress, Burnout Syndrome and Chemical Dependence (alcoholism), disorders that affect an increasing number of patients due to the Covid 19 Pandemic?


How to effectively and innovatively support the management of family and professional commitments into a telework regime?


How to develop tools to promote mental health literacy and help people to filter out myths and false informations without scientific evidence?


How to develop an effective tool that can organize information about the different mental health resources available where patients live (in health centers, schools, institutions, NGOs, etc.), quickly accessible to the professionals, patients and families?


How to allow access to regular monitoring and to the quality pediatric treatments for children with mental health problems who live into isolated regions, avoiding economic constraints and school absenteeism?


How to support and develop methodologies into the suicide prevention field and suicidal behaviors in the post-pandemic period?


Which creative and innovative solutions can we developed to manage the work-family interface into 2021, during confinement times and restrictions relief?


How to develop and improve articulation processes of information between patient and mental health care, into hospitals and health centers?


How to develop innovative tools and methods to support the mental health of university students? What is the University's role to stop this problem?


Participation at the event is free of charge, but registration is compulsory. The registration deadline is 28th October 2021 (NEW DATE).

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