Useful Links

Open Science projects and information


Comunicação de ciência aberta para as ciências sociais e humanidades na Europa

European Open Science Cloud

An environment for hosting and processing research data to support EU science.

Open Knowledge Foundation

Creating and driving forward open knowledge and open data around the world.

Ciência Aberta em Portugal

Information, initiatives and training content.


UNESCO Recommendation and resources for Open Science


Platform with resources for learning about Open Science


Organization for implementing FAIR data

Horizon Europe

Programme for research and innovation in Europe


European project for the implementation of Open Science

Acesso Aberto na Europa

Open Access Policies in Europe - infrastructures, policies, trainings

Sobre os princípios FAIR

Information on FAIR Data by FORCE11

OPERAS Newsletter

Link for subscribing to the OPERAS newsletter

"Ask Open Science"

Open Science Q&A

Newsletter Open Access VSNU

Open Access Newsletter Archive

Repositories and databases [access]

Registo de Repositórios de Acesso Aberto

Registry of Open Access Repositories


Directory of Open Access Journals


Directory of Open Access Books

Knowledge Unlatched

Platform for libraries and institutions to support Open Access collections and models


Database of academic articles in open access

Open Library for Humanities

Support for academic journals from across the humanities disciplines


Brings together four platforms dedicated to electronic resources in the social sciences and humanities

Research, collaboration, publishing

Open Science Framework

Open platform to support research and collaboration

Open Data Handbook

Information about Open Data

Choose a License

Information about open publication types

Creative Commons

Open licenses

Open Source Initiative

To promote and protect open source software and communities


Metrics and qualitative data that are complementary to traditional, citation-based metrics

Data repositories for open access publishing


Citizen Science

Ciência Cidadã em Portugal

National network that brings together communities involved in Citizen Science initiatives and projects in Portugal

Lista de projetos de Ciência Cidadã

List of Citizen Science projects on Wikipedia

Citizen Science research focused on the Social Sciences and Humanities

Cartas com Ciência

Programme of letter exchanges between scientists and students in Portuguese-speaking countries

Plantas Invasoras

Platform of information and Citizen Science about invasive plants in Portugal

Open Educational Resources

Creative Commons Search

For images, audio and video

Open Education Consortium

Open courses

OER Commons

Open educational resources

Manual de Formação em Ciência Aberta

Open Science Training Handbook on Github