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UC participates in Seminar on academic career in the context of Open Science

Vice-Rector Luís Neves presents session on career challenges at Iberian universities

29 june, 2020≈ 3 min read

The second seminar on Open Science of the Council of Rectors of Portuguese Universities (CRUP) and the association of Spanish Universities (CRUE) will take place on July 3, with the collaboration of the Expert Group on Open Science of the European University Association (EUA).

The seminar is aimed at members of rectorial teams who are involved in the evaluation processes of teachers and researchers. Career assessment in the transition to Open Science is the key point to be discussed throughout the event.

The program, which runs from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm on July 3 (Portugal time), will count on the intervention of the Vice-Rector of UC Luís Neves, in the session that debates whether Open Science is a current challenge for evaluation of careers at Iberian universities ("Is Open Science challenging career evaluation in the Iberian universities?").

The table will also include the participation of Francisco José Moura, rector of the Universitat Politècnica de València and Chair of the CRUE Committee for Open Science; Maria de Lurdes Correia Fernandes, Vice-Rector of the University of Porto; and Mercedes Siles, Director of the National Agency for the Quality of Assessment and Accreditation in Spain (ANECA). The mediation will be by Bernard Rentier, chair of the EUA Expert Subgroup in Research Assessment, Vice-President of the Belgian Federal Council for Science Policy (FRWB-CFPS) and former Rector of the University of Liège.

The full program of the second CRUP-CRUE Open Science Seminar, with themes and participants of all sessions, can be accessed here. The event would take place on the same date at the University of Minho, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the face-to-face meeting was postponed, keeping activities on a virtual basis.

Academic Careers and Open Science

The theme of evaluating research and academic staff in the context of open science has gained importance and centrality, having been the focus of an EUA event in 2019 and a workshop on the subject in the same year. In addition, the European organization presented a series of webinars opened in May 2020 on the subject, the recordings of which are available and accessible through Youtube - watch it here.