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UC Classical and Humanistic Studies Center launches YouTube channel

Project provides scientific content open to the public

10 june, 2020≈ 3 min read

Democratizing access to scientific knowledge, using a digital, free and pervasive medium for academic and extra-academic audiences. The recent creation of the Youtube channel of the Center for Classical and Humanistic Studies (CECH) of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra meets this and other objectives, also allowing, in the recent context of limited face-to-face meetings, to keep communication active with the universe outside UC.

Active since mid-May, the CECH channel on Youtube, in addition to providing seminars - making classes taught in master's and doctoral courses accessible - and conferences, now begins the project to publicize its editorial production, in partnership with the UC Press (IUC), in the library 'Classica Digitalia', and also of works published in non-academic publishers and with recognition in the areas of action of the Center. Professor Carmen Soares, coordinator of CECH, also highlights the plan to make available content from scientific events and activities with the community outside of UC. It is also intended to include a series called "Memories", with recordings of previously archived content.

The choice of a channel on the Youtube platform, enabling the dissemination of audiovisual content, reiterates the objective of reaching more diverse audiences and democratizing knowledge. "The availability of scientific content online at no cost to the user is the most open and democratic way we have, to date, of disseminating knowledge. In times when the audiovisual universe has become widespread as a privileged channel of communication, we believe that the creation from the YouTube channel complements our longstanding commitment to promoting Open Science ", comments Professor Carmen Soares.

This Wednesday, June 10, the channel will debut the publication of videos within the scope of the editorial partnership between CECH and IUC, with the availability of a video that discusses 'About Eating Meat', the work of the Greek author Plutarco. The philosophical and rhetorical work was translated and commented by professor and researcher Joaquim Pinheiro, who presents it on the channel.

In addition to a greater relationship with the academic public, the coordinator of CECH also highlights the possibility of interaction of the wider public with the Center from the initiative, since the possibility of comments and interactions with the new page allows for a greater exchange and collecting suggestions from users.

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