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Survey wants to know researchers preferences for discovery platform

TRIPLE project will develop a multicultural and multilingual solution for the Social Sciences and the Humanities

14 june, 2021≈ 3 min read

It is open, this June, a survey of the European project TRIPLE that seeks to know the preferences of researchers on what types of tools can be integrated into the project's platform. The idea is that future users of the GOTRIPLE platform indicate which features they want to use, helping the project team to plan for the future and make sure that users will find the services they need.

TRIPLE is a European Horizon 2020 project launched in October 2019, of which the University of Coimbra is part. At the heart of the project, there is the development of the GOTRIPLE platform, an innovative multicultural and multilingual discovery solution for the social sciences and humanities.

The GOTRIPLE platform will provide a single point of access that allows researchers in the social sciences and humanities to explore, find, access and reuse materials such as scientific literature, data, projects and profiles of researchers at the European level.

The platform will be integrated with specific innovative services, namely: a Recommendation System, the Trust Building System, for interactions between selected users; an interactive Visualisation search interface; a web Annotation Tool and a Crowdfunding platform. The survey asks participants to rate other categories of tools they would like to see on the platform - such as metrics systems, data analysis, exploration systems, commenting, referencing, reuse, translation, among other possibilities.

The questionnaire is anonymous and takes two minutes to complete.

By completing the questionnaire, the researcher will be helping to identify "external services" to be integrated into the GOTRIPLE platform to improve its functionality and capacity.

| Summary |

What: GOTRIPLE survey: Researchers opinions on tools

When: Now open - June 2021

How to answer: Through the link