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Survey investigates community needs regarding Open Access

Survey integrates initiative to improve and develop Open Access publishing ecosystem

09 june, 2021≈ 2 min read

It is open, until June 13, a survey to the academic community of the Social Sciences and Humanities focused on Open Access. The survey is carried out by the Special Interest Group (SIG) in Advocacy of OPERAS and involves questions related to the quality of Open Access publications, the use of open licenses, the process of choosing publication venues, and the community's need for resources and training in this area.

The survey, available at this link, is anonymous and addresses four questions:

1. What can be done to address some researchers’ concerns about the quality of Open Access publication venues?

2. Can you provide suggestions on how to make it a conventional practice to use licences that allow reuse and distribution of research results?

3. What can be done to help researchers more easily identify Open Access publishing options that are most relevant for them?

4. What informational resources and training would you like OPERAS to provide for you or your organization?

The survey integrates the focus of the OPERAS Advocacy SIG on the empowerment of communities, so that they are able to influence decision-making processes. The OPERAS infrastructure highlights the importance of the support from all audiences and stakeholders to help realizing its mission of addressing the needs of researchers in the Social Sciences and Humanities in what concerns open scholarly communication.

More information available in the OPERAS blog.