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Survey investigates collaborative publishing models for Open Access books

OPERAS survey aims to better understand the challenges for community publishing

15 march, 2021≈ 3 min read

Monographs continue to be the crucial publication output in the social sciences and humanities (SSH). With the new scientific paradigm being implemented in Europe and in the world, based on Open Access and Open Science, some studies have been produced in order to understand the existing business models for publications. In this context, the OPERAS consortium will produce a new report (a first white paper on the topic was published in 2018) on the issue of business models for scholarly publications. This time, within the scope of approaching the monographs scenario, the research places special attention on collaborative publishing models - an issue considered the most intriguing in the current landscape of Open Access books.

As a part of this effort, OPERAS has launched a survey of publishing organisations throughout Europe, with the aim of identifying and better understanding existing and potential business models to support the open access publication of research monographs, as well as challenges faced by the community. The survey is collecting responses until March 25th (update: prolonged to 14th April), and the answers will inform the formulation of recommendations on how to create a sustainable open book publishing ecosystem in Europe. The answers will also help the OPERAS infrastructure to gain a more comprehensive insight on how to make a tangible change and best support the SSH community in building sustainable paths of transition towards collaborative models for open access books.

| Participate |

Take the survey through this link. The maximum response time is 50 minutes, but may be significantly shorter.

| Find out more |

- Read the OPERAS white paper from the Business Models Special Interest Group on business models for Open Access (2018). The report describes the panorama of business models adopted by members of the consortium in Europe at national level, as well as emerging models in the USA, with a special focus on the publication of books/monographs.

- Read the COPIM report (2020) on the variety of business models for open access books.

- Case study of the Radical Open Access Collective (ROAC), which promotes the publication of books in collaborative models.