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PKP community forum discusses social sciences and humanities in Europe

The space invites stakeholders to discuss the transition to open science communication

08 february, 2021≈ 3 min read

A digital forum dedicated to the discussion of social sciences and humanities in the European community has just been launched by PKP and OPERAS. The Forum aims to bring together and encourage the dialogue among stakeholders such as publishers, editors, publishing platform managers, reviewers and researchers. All of them are invited to discuss the transition process for open scholarly communication, their experiences and the extent to which they are common to other communities, and the challenges faced during this process.

The Social Sciences and Humanities in Europe forum is open to all those interested in or involved with scholarly communication (not just OPERAS members) and will also focus, among other subjects, on innovative initiatives and practices in publishing and prospects for open scholarly communication. The moderation is made by EKT (National Documentation Center, Greece) on behalf of OPERAS.

The forum is included in the Regional Networks category and is already receiving contributions. It currently holds topics related to experiences with the immediate publication of papers, business models and networking in national communities.

About PKP

PKP is a multi-university initiative to develop free open source software and conduct research that improves the equality and reach of scientific publications. PKP is responsible for the development of softwares such as OJS (Open Journal Systems) and OMP (Open Monograph Press), used by Coimbra University of Coimbra Press to manage scientific journals and open access books.


OPERAS is the research infrastructure (RI) that supports open science communication in Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) in Europe. Its mission is to coordinate and federate resources in the region to efficiently address the communication needs of European researchers in the field of SSH. The University of Coimbra is a member of its Executive Assembly, represented by the Vice-Rector for Culture and Open Science, Delfim Leão.

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