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Open access by default: FCT adopts Plan S in Portugal

The Foundation intends to ensure the implementation of the policy from 1 January 2022

27 january, 2021≈ 3 min read

The European initiative that determines the availability in open access of all scientific publications resulting from publicly funded research, Plan S, launched in 2018, will be implemented in Portugal by the Science and Technology Foundation (FCT). Plan S requires that, from 2021, scientific publications that result from research funded by public grants must be published in compliant Open Access journals or platforms.

Adherence to Plan S by FCT will promote accessibility, to the entire scientific community, of the results of publicly funded research activities in Portugal, allowing the investment made by the foundation to contribute to the acceleration of knowledge.

In this context, as disclosed in a note on the FCT website last Monday, 25, the adherence to the Plan S is even more significant considering that, in 2021, the Council of the European Union is being chaired by Portugal (from January 1st to June 30, 2021). The Council is the institution that represents the governments of EU countries and brings together their ministers or secretaries of state to adopt legislation and coordinate policies. The motto of the Portuguese presidency in 2021 is "Time to deliver: for a fair, green and digital recovery". Thus, FCT stresses that, among the EU's research and development priorities there is "open and collaborative research" - together with the topics of "the relationship between science, employment and resilience" and "enhancing research careers".

The transition path to Open Science was initiated by FCT in 2014, when the foundation launched its Open Access Policy - which already demanded open access of publications funded or partially funded by the Foundation, despite admitting some embargoes with stipulated deadlines for certain types of publications. The Foundation intends to work throughout the year 2021 for the implementation of Plan S to take place from January 1, 2022.

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Discover Science Europe, the association that represents the interests of the main European research organizations, and which is responsible for launching Plan S and cOAlition S - a collective declaration of commitment built on the basis of Plan S.

cOAlition S funders (a group of national research funders, European and international organisations and charitable foundations) have agreed to implement the 10 principles of Plan S in a coordinated way, together with the European Commission and the European Research Council (ERC). Other research funders from across the world, both public and private, are invited to join cOAlition S.