International research gathers impressions on multilingualism in scholarly communication

Questionnaire is aimed at researchers, translators and editors

Lorena Caliman
22 june, 2020≈ 2 min read

The OPERAS consortium , through the task "Innovative Models of Bibliodiversity in Scholarly Publications", makes available, until July 15, an international survey focused on Multilingualism in the academic communication of Social and Human Sciences.

The research is aimed at editors, translators and researchers, focusing on two main objectives. On the one hand, it seeks to better understand the role of multilingualism as an expression of bibliodiversity in academic communication; on the other hand, it wants to contribute to the conceptual design of a community-owned translation service platform, at the level of academic communication.

Each person can respond to the survey by selecting a single profile (between researcher, translator or editor), but can also select two or even three, if they all apply to their particular situation. The response to each profile takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Are you a Social and Human Sciences researcher, translator and/ or editor? Take the survey at the link:

The University of Coimbra is a core member of the OPERAS consortium. Through the Coimbra University Press, it plays a central role in managing the task "Innovative Models of Bibliodiversity in Scholarly Publications", by OPERAS-P. The ongoing research is made possible through this partnership.